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Inspired by her cancer journey whilst pursuing her philosophy degree at the University of East Anglia,

Emma discovered the power of creative writing for wellbeing.

Emma now offers one-to-one workshops from Satori to inspire the flow of your imaginings and inner dialogues onto paper--or you can join a group. You will be encouraged to free-write from your stream-of-consciousness, as Virginia Woolf seamlessly did, kindled by the natural environment. Satori is thriving with life at any time of year, even on the coldest winter day, and will provide endless inspiration as you put pen to paper. We'll pay close attention to the characteristics of the seasons and work closely with your senses.

Examples of how we may work together:

  • Journaling whilst walking in nature

  • Inking direct observations of the myriad lifeforms and colours around you. What might you learn about yourself through observing nature?

  • Assume an object’s perspective, step into its being. What might you learn from that experience?

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Who are these workshops for?

  • Anyone who likes to explore creatively and values feeling well

Emma writes solely from her heart and encourages people to do the same, without judgement or critique. These workshops aren't about how well you can write. They're about feeling better by letting things flow. That said, the wild space that you'll find at Satori offers an ideal setting to dream up the next popular bestseller or critically-acclaimed literary masterpiece - if that's your dream.


Did you know that November is National Novel-Writing Month, where aspiring authors are challenged to produce a 50,000-word manuscript? Why wait for November?

And why not augment your experience and stay in one of our wonderful accommodations for a few days, weeks or months to foster your relationship with the land and your literary creativity?

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  • Visit our workshops page for specific dates, prices, inspiration and to book.

  • If the dates you'd like aren't available, get in touch, as we might be able to offer you workshops on a different date.

  • For one-to-one worskhops, please contact Emma directly

  • Any questions, phone 07957 161748, email, or contact us via this website.

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