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Love is in the air!

By my reckoning,

the chiffchaffs made it back first,

arriving at Satori

in late March.


A bold blackcap explored the barn on 6 April.

Common swallows were first spotted on 11 April,

and I spotted my first swift on 26 April.

In other words, the migrants have been returning, the swifts from as far away as southern Africa (a 3,400-mile journey, says the RSPB on their website).

More species means more voices joining the dawn chorus.

As I wrote this on 30 April, wind and rain battered the caravan, suggesting that winter is not yet through with us. Nonetheless, the birds are here, and warmer days should follow them [proving true].

A song thrush flits about with food in its beak, making a delivery to a hungry nestling.

A treecreeper pair have built a nest in Satori's Wonky Wood Store--which means we'll have to warn human guests to steer clear of the firewood there!

When I went to the Wonky Wood Store earlier, one treecreeper was perched right on the corner of the building, about two meters from me.

What a privilage, to get so close.

Love is in the air. A buzzard pair play in the sky, diving and rising together in harmony.

The rookery near Churchinford (comprising, by my count, at least forty nests) is an increasingly noisy place that one best not stand still for too long underneath!

Do get in touch if you'd like to hear Satori's multiplex of birdsong for yourself.

Offgrid accommodation offered throughout the year - the birdsong is free :-)

Satori is a designated Somerset County Wildlife Site.

Andrew, Volunteer, 2024


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