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Daisy has arrived !!!

It's taken over a year, involved over a dozen volunteers and has been furnished nearly entirely from recycled and upcycled materials.

Lay in bed and look at the stars......

Daisies are our native arnica, good for healing bruises physically and metaphorically. They are full of joy and no matter how downtrodden they spring back up full of life. That's why we named our yurt Daisy. Perfect to welcome those in need of rest and rejuvenation.

Our Daisy started her life in Mongolia. Her walls are made of slow grown Siberian spruce and the ropes in her are made from plaited horsehair!

Apart from the wood burner and the yurt itself, everything in daisy is recycled and/or upcycled. The dining table is 70 years old and was someone's first family dining table bought from Habitat. The original owners, John and Ruth, rescued it from their daughters garden where it was starting to show rapid signs of serious decline. They offered it to Satori where she was given a good sand down and varnish. We hope she lasts at least another 70 years!

The double-bed legs were reclaimed from some posts which were used to hold rails on the side of a lane in Devon! They took a good bit of work to clean up. We're delighted with the grain that came through. The sides of the bed are an old door frame!


Daisy sleeps 4 (one double and two singles). Our aim is to create a decking area (we've already reclaimed the wood!) when we have a bit of time and some willing volunteers, and create an outside cooking area. Watch this space!

(update: deck and cooking area now complete!!)

If you'd like to retreat in this beautiful space, get in touch for more details.


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