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Volunteer for Wellbeing Days

Immerse yourself in nature.

Enhance your fitness and wellbeing.
Share and learn new skills.

That's just some of what our regular volunteer days offer.

Join us as we share time and food together, learn new skills and try our hand at DIY and land-based tasks.

Through movement, achieving goals and becoming more present, you'll do wonders for your overall health and wellbeing! 

Here's what you need to know:

  • 1st Monday & 3rd Wednesday every month

  • 10am-4pm

  • Vegetarian lunch provided

  • Bookings essential as places are limited


Volunteer days are based around principles of the Green Gym and ecotherapy. Moving our bodies as nature intended within the natural environment and as a community has been proven to bring us better health for body and mind. We offer a gentle mix of building projects, weeding, planting, etc. scalable to your abilities and how you are feeling.

Halfway through the day we stop and have lunch together, which we provide.

"I felt very welcomed and stimulated as a volunteer. We worked as a group and I felt very connected. Emma is very helpful and kind, and I learned lots of things that I've never done before, like how to use an electric drill and put up fence posts!"

Sabrina, 2021

We'd love if you can join us.

Get in touch via our contact link.

Volunteer Stays

Searching for a longer, unique and off-grid experience surrounded by nature where you can give back to the land and yourself?

Satori exists thanks to all the amazing people who have volunteered their time and skills for a day, week or even longer.

We're always looking for more inspired individuals. 

The exchange:

  • 25 hours per week of your skills for accommodation and food

  • Live at home with Emma or stay on the land in one of our accommodations

  • Develop a mind- and body-felt sense of simple living with the land, learn about off-grid principles and forge a nature-based healing connection


'The three months I spent volunteering at Satori were as educational and enriching as three months of undergraduate college courses. Not only did I work the land, but I received a first-rate education from Emma, learning about horticulture, landscaping, irrigation, edible and non-edible wild plants, how to distinguish between different species of trees, and even aspects of wellness. My accommodation, a small, wood-heated hut, allowed me time and room to think, philosophize, and enjoy many books. I have been transformed by my time here.'

Andrew (Satori, 2024)

There may be the possibility to join one of Emma's workshops either by volunteering some additional time or a concessionary payment.

Interested? Then contact Emma to talk about possiblities.

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