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Here's our adhoc and more regular events ...

From fire-ceremonies to regular volunteer days, weaving demonstrations, talking therapies or reflexology treatments, there's often something extra going on at Satori or further afield.

If you'd like Emma to be part of your event or group, please get in touch


Volunteering for Wellbeing

The 1st Monday & 3rd Wednesday of every month, 10am - 4pm

Join us for an inspiring day of sharing whilst surrounded by Nature, learning skills and meeting friends.

The days are based around principles of the Green Gym and Ecotherapy where moving our bodies in the natural environment, in community, is proven to bring us better health of body and mind. There is a gentle mix of building projects, weeding, planting etc. depending on abilities and how you are feeling.

Halfway through the day we stop and have lunch together, which we provide.

"I felt very welcomed and stimulated as a volunteer. We worked as a group and I felt very connected. Emma is very helpful and kind and I learned lots of things that I've never done before, like how to use an electric drill and put up fence posts!" Sabrina, 2021

We'd love if you can join us. Places are limited so do get in touch by Facebook, email, or give Emma a call/text on 07957 161748.

If you'd like to help another day, get in touch and we can arrange a date to suit your diary.

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