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Foot Massage


Are you looking to alleviate stress, sleep better and enhance your overall wellbeing?

Reflexology is a fantastic way to do all of these things and more. It helps your body restore its natural balance, leaving it in the best place to do its own healing, restoration and repair. 

It's a deeply relaxing treatment, a therapy that leaves you better placed to deal with life.

Hand Massage

What is reflexology?

Reflexology affects everyone differently. It helps reduce stress by releasing tension held in the body, can improve sleep and blood circulation, encourages better nerve function and enhances general wellbeing. Redressing these elements helps the body regain its natural balance, supporting healing and repair so you can feel well.


This non-invasive method of complementary therapy focuses holistically on the whole person: mind/body/spirit. It’s based on the principle that certain points or 'reflexes' in our feet and hands correspond with each and every part of our body. For example, our big toes represent our head, the inner edge of each foot from big toe to heel represents our spine, etc. Reflexologists use differing pressures on specific reflex points with their fingers, thumbs and hands.


All you need to do is take your shoes and socks off, lay back on a reclining chair or bed, and then drift away to that blissful lucidity between wake and sleep.


2300 BC wall art discovered in the tomb of Ankhmahor,

also known as the Tomb of the Physician.

The hieroglyphics translate as 'don't hurt me' and 'I shall act so you praise me'.

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Emma's training

Emma qualified in the Ingham Method of reflexology in 2012. Since then, she's worked on well over a thousand pairs of feet and hands at Satori, local festivals and fairs, village halls, wellbeing centres and on home visits.


The Ingham Method was developed in the 1930s by the grandmother of reflexology, Eunice Ingham. Most forms of Western reflexology have grown from Eunice's teachings. It’s a strong-touch technique working deeply and with pressure, comparable to a deep-tissue sports massage, but always at the pace and intensity desired by whomever Emma works with, and only on the feet and hands.


Emma also integrates other methods, such as Tony Porter’s advanced reflexology techniques (another deep and strong variation) and precision reflexology (which is a light touch approach).


Reflexology complements Emma's interest in how the mind and body work together. She finds it a good medium for connecting with people to help them on their healing journeys.


What Others Say

“Fantastic, firm, confident pressure, energising and relaxing at the same time." 



"This is my first ever reflexology session. It was the most deep and mindful experience I've had for years. Emma has the most reassuring and therapeutic manner." 



"[My reflexology session with Emma] gave me insight into where I was stagnating and how I could move forward, giving my feet, my mind, body and soul a refreshed perspective and having allowed me to release the blockages that I was holding onto." Steph

"I have not felt so relaxed for many years after my treatment with Emma. She is very at peace and welcoming, will make anybody she sees feel relaxed even before she has started the session. After the treatment I feel very relaxed and at peace, my stress levels had all but gone. Highly recommended, thank you Emma."




Emma offers reflexology to guests staying at Satori as well as private clients.

First appointment (1.5 hours, includes a consultation): £50

Subsequent appointments (1 hour): £45

Home visits: £60 (travel costs may apply)

Guests staying at Satori receive a £5 discount on the prices listed above.

To book, contact Emma:

​​Phone: 07957 161748


Booking & Enquiries

Contact Emma by completing the form below.

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