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Project Plant

Reconnecting with the Wild Edibles


Looking to take the next step and connect with plants on an emotional, intuitive and physical level? That’s what our Project Plant course offers.

For millennia we communed with plants on a daily basis. We knew which plants we could eat to keep us healthy and balanced, and those which could heal us. Over time, the relationship between plants and people has faded.

We will teach you ways to reconnect to your ancestral knowledge.

What others say

"I cannot recommend [Emma] or her lovely Satori fields highly enough for anyone on their journey of discovery and growth. She generously gives of her gifts and the abundance of her fields and woodlands."

Anon, 2018


"Thank you so much for leading me on this plant journey…it has been very inspiring and informative. I have enjoyed spending time with you and the group sharing our experiences and learning from one another. For me it has been a new way of looking at plants. I am feeling a greater respect and understanding for what the plants can help us with and how they can affect us.

"Meditating on one plant over a month also gave me the time to reflect on my life and how I am living it. Remembering to stop to take time for the project and myself has been very good for me."

Sarah, 2019

What you’ll gain

In addition to the skills taught on our sensory-based wild-food foraging workshops, our Project Plant course will deepen your knowledge and reawaken the inner dialogue between yourselves and plants.

Specifically, you will gain skills in:

  • Meditating with the plants

  • Developing an inquisitive mind

  • Making tinctures, balms and infused oils

  • Learning the benefits of monthly collaborations with each plant

  • Deepening your intuition


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