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A unique wilderness escape

Finally, the secluded nature retreat you've been looking for

What is a Retreat?

Simply put, Satori provides a beautiful and enchanting natural space for you to let go of the outside stresses of life, supported by the deeply healing qualities of the natural world.


Many studies highlight the importance and benefits of nature in releasing stress and improving our mental health and wellbeing. 

At Satori you can choose to 'just' retreat or add on activities such as Basket Weaving, Creative Writing for Wellbeing and Wild Food Foraging. For that deeper sense of unwinding you can also add a choice of hands-on therapies like Reflexology. We also offer regular standalone courses and workshops.

Set in 22-acres of rolling hills, ancient woodlands and old flower meadows on one side of the Bolham Valley, Satori is a nature lover's dream which offers a diverse and wild habitat for flora, fauna and us.

We hope you become inspired by whatever you create here as well as having a grounding and nurturing experience. Ultimately, however you tailor your stay, our ambition is for you to leave feeling better than when you arrived.

Accommodation to suit everyone  


We cater for individuals, couples, families and small groups.

Stay in our charming Daisy yurt (who sleeps 4), Primrose hut (who sleeps 2); owild camp with your own tent. 


We value community and endeavor to support local businesses. If you're interested in alternative accommodation, click here to see some quirky options.

The magic of Satori 

Holistic, tailored and deep in nature. That’s the magic of Satori.

While here, you can also:

*see individual prices

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